Botox and Fillers-The Combined Liquid Face Lift!

Erase away frown lines, forehead lines and the lines around the eyes in a single sitting. Botox is a highly purified protein that relaxes wrinkle forming muscles and gives a relaxed and youthful appearance to the face. It can make a person look 4-5 years younger and fresher with just one sitting.
Fillers are used to restore lost volume in the face. As we all know ageing causes our face to get a sunken look and the laugh lines deepen giving a tired ,elderly look.
Hyaluronic acid fillers are gels made from naturally occurring sugars which have the property to fill the lost volume. These fillers also have the ability to absorb water up to 1000 times its weight and improving the overall appearance of dry and sagging skin. The results are immediate and last more than a year.
These fillers can also be used to treat hollow, sunken eyes, thin lips or a droopy mouth.