Solutions to a Better Lifestyle


Continuing Our Article for Health Tips to Incorporate in your Lifestyle, Here are some More Interesting and Worthwhile Ideas to make Note of.

1. Copy your kitty:
Get into the Habit of Doing Stretching Exercises after you wake up in the Mornings.
It Helps improve Blood Circulation to all parts of your Body and also eases Pains through the Body, especially the Back. Breathe deeply to help your body move oxygen-rich blood to those sore muscles. Don’t bounce or force yourself into an uncomfortable position.

2. Spirituality:
A Study Conducted by Harvard University revealed that those Patients who were prayed For recovered Quicker in Comparison to those who weren’t. Believing in God isn’t the Factor here, It is believing in something that is Not of this World, or of a Force much greater /Stronger than Man. Embracing this Force will give you the Will Power of Trusting, Striving and will give you something to look forward to when you put your Faith in the Unknown.

3. Don’t Smoke:
Or Try your Best to Quit if you do. Apart from the known fact that Smoking causes cancer and Heart Disease, orthopaedic surgeons have found that smoking accelerates bone density loss and constricts blood flow.

4. Laughing:
Some of the benefits of using laughter are that it can relieve stress and relax the whole body. It can also boost the immune system and release endorphins to relieve pain. Additionally, laughter can help prevent heart disease by increasing blood flow and improving the function of blood vessels. Some of the emotional benefits include diminishing anxiety or fear, improving overall mood, and adding joy to one’s life.

5. Strong people go for help.
Ask for assistance. There is no Point in Being a Control Freek. Soon enough you won’t have anything to control. Delegate, Ask and Assist. Solutions Come when Help is Sought for.



Large stools — as in the Type 2 and 3 in the Bristol Stool Chart below — aren’t defined by their volume, but size, or, to be exact, their diameter.

Stools May turn out to be on the Larger side due to Multiple Reasons including:

  1.  A Diet high in processed fiber. Dietary fiber is the only known substance capable of enlarging your stools.
  2.  Chronic constipation. It is the not moving bowels at least once dailyneeding to strain, needing to take fiber laxatives or consuming laxogenic foods such as beets, prunes, prune juice, flaxseeds, and fiber-fortified cereals, bread, and pasta, or all of the above.
  3.  Conscious withdrawal of stools due to pain or circumstances, such as lack of clean bathroom, no access to bathroom facilities when needed.
  4. A Diet low in table salt, excessive sweating or acute dehydration. These conditions cause a rapid extraction of sodium chloride and fluids from feces.
  5. A diet low in dietary fat because fat is a primary factor that commands the body to initiate gastrocolic reflex and peristaltic mass movement.
  6. Diabetes-related anorectal nerve damage. This condition reduces the sensation of urge, so the person doesn’t feel a need to defecate.
  7. Incomplete bowel emptying regardless of causes most often related to pain and preceding complications.

Healthy Habits

There has always been this long drawn debate over what are the Good Habits to follow and what are downright Bad.

Numerous Journals, Advice Columns, Health Practitioners, Guru’s etc. Have alot to say over this topic, however, what are common among them are; to Eat right, Sleep Tight and Work Hard.


  • Nutrition  forms such an important part of our life and is often the thing we tend to pay the least attention to. From skipping breakfast, to eating Fast-Foods, To eating at irregular intervals. All of this can cost you. To beat this, All you have to do is:


1)       Never Skip Breakfast:

The Gap Between your breakfast time and Dinner is a good 8 Hours or More on an Average. It is necessary to eat to pace up your Bodily functions and start your day without feeling lethargic. Cereal, Coffee, Tea- Whatever you choose, But EAT.


2)        Drink Lots of Water:

It is Necessary to stay Hydrated the entire day. Drinking Water is a Good Habit and should be inculcated at a young age.


3)       Eat Small- But Often

Eating Small Meals will keep you full for a longer period of time. It’s not however necessary to be munching throughout the day. Instead, choose wisely. Foods that are of Soya, or are Baked, Foods rich in Protein, Vegetables and Fruits. Are a few of the wiser choices.


  • Sleep- One of the Most Important daily exercises to keep yourself balanced and Healthy. It might be difficult for many to get even close to 3-4 hours, let alone getting the required 7 hours sleep. But Sleeping, is Important. However Important other things maybe, find the time to Sleep, even for those 3-4 hours.


  • You may have most definitely may have come across the line- ‘Don’t Work Hard, Work Smart’. However, there is no point in working, if you are not going to give everything you got into it. Passion and Drive can make you go places, and get you things you’ve often only dreamed of. Take your Breaks, Make your Plans, Prioritize, Be Flexible – but remember Work is not your Life. Find time for other things as well, like family and friends.


In your never ending quest to find answers, I hope this has been of help. Follow Well and Choose Wisely. No one else Benefits, expect YOU.