5 Signs How Piles Can Be Turned Into Cancer

Not many of are aware but it is true that almost 95 percent of patients with low colonic or rectal cancers initially thought that they had piles. It is common to confuse between the two – quite simply because they share common symptoms. Before we delve into the details of the 5 most common symptoms like bleeding from the back passage, weight loss, and others—let us tell you piles cancer is something which starts generally at the last part of the colon or for that matter at the rectum. Once you go through piles cancer treatment, you will, of course, come to know a lot more about these signs or symptoms.

1. Rectal Bleeding

This remains one of the most common symptoms that both hemorrhoids and rectal cancer share. Patients might as well end up experiencing blood mixed with stool. There are other shared symptoms that actually include changed bowel habits including diarrhea, change in the size of stool and more gas.

2. Abdominal Pressure

There might as well be a number of reasons why you may end up experiencing abdominal pressure. Prolonged sitting, bowel movements, low fiber diet, and pregnancy are just a few risk factors associated with hemorrhoids. In this case, the symptoms associated with rectal cancer differ. Several gastrointestinal diseases, smoking, family history of cancer are the signs of possible rectal cancer.

In this regard, it must be pointed out that often – the need to strain your back passage – even after you have opened your bowel while you’re pooing – is ruled out as a regular discrepancy by patients. However, it might as well be the possible symptom of bowel cancer! Listed below are other symptoms that shouldn’t be ignored!

3. Weight Loss

You may end up experiencing inexplicable weight loss even in the absence of dieting or for that matter any change in the exercise regime. It is actually important on your end to ensure that you are seeking medical evaluation in that case. Look up the credentials of specialists providing piles cancer treatment in Mumbai. Make sure you are only settling for services after you have thoroughly checked the reviews earned by these professionals.

4. General Pain and Discomfort

Hemorrhoids and anal-rectal cancers actually entail a similar kind of pain. If you are bleeding profusely from the rectal area, you should immediately get the condition checked in order to find out whether your hemorrhoids have taken the turn towards cancer or not.

5. Bloating of Abdomen

We have already talked about the change in bowel habits earlier. The formation of more gas might as well lead to the bloated abdomen.

Final words

Obesity, family history of colorectal cancer, heavy drinking, consumption of too red meat and lack of exercise might as well be just a few risk factors associated with colorectal cancers. It is important to ensure that you are getting your symptoms checked by a qualified professional. Investigate credentials by looking up reviews. Seek personal recommendations as well. Do not count on half-baked research to find the right services for you! Getting your condition screened at the right time can help you prevent further worsening of your condition. Your specialists will employ either Virtual or real-time sigmoidoscopy/colonoscopy/clinical examination for screening.