Anal Fistula – Treatment and Recovery

Various factors and conditions can cause the development of an anal fistula. It is true that people find this condition really uncomfortable to talk about, yet there is some essential information on its treatment and recovery that everyone dealing with this type of fistula should be familiar with.

In most cases surgery is inevitable as it is proven to be the best way to treat anal fistula. Depending on its location, there is a range of methods such as: fistulotomy, which is a type of surgery used in most of the cases with good long-term results, then, the Seton technique, the advancement flap procedures and the bioprosthetic plug. We at ClinTech provide the least invasive method by using the Video Assisted Anal Fistula Treatment which is a highly recommendable as far as fistula treatment in mumbai goes.

People often find ClinTech searching for a phrase like “fistula treatment without surgery india”. Luckily for them, they stumble onto the website of the best piles hospital in mumbai; where the Fibrin glue method is offered as one common solution. It is a very simple and painless procedure, but with a low level of efficiency.

Concerning recovery from surgery, patients should be aware of several things. The more difficult the operation is, the longer time a patient will have to stay at the hospital. Normally, a wound would take approximately 6 weeks to heal, so a patient needs to be careful and take a good care of it. That implies a regular change of the dressing by the patient or a nurse. Furthermore, there is no room for panic if there is some bleeding or a discharge in the first couple of days after the surgery. Immediate contact with a doctor should be made in case of heavy bleeding, vomiting, high temperature or constipation.

Additionally, taking a bath alongside a dose of paracetamol should offer good pain relief. When dealing with a surgical procedure, some patients take antibiotics to prevent further infection. Laxatives are another option for emptying the bowels after surgery. There are also some restrictions which need to be taken into consideration. Driving, sitting still, or swimming is strictly forbidden in the first 48 hours after surgery.

Generally, there is the risk of recurrence with an anal fistula, but it depends on the type of procedure which had been carried out to treat the fistula and of course on the type of lifestyle the patient has. Remember: “Prevention is better than cure.”