Ano-Rectal Treatments in India


The Medical world may have seen ample growth and discoveries over the past few years, as is with the Medical scene in India. Development of the market in India focusing on breakthroughs and funding of projects encouraging smaller and lesser known start-ups, has resulted in focus on entrepreneurship and Medicine along with research.

The Field of study is so vast with everyone claiming to have a cure. Many of these techniques have been brought down from generations; others have been tried and tested to later determine that they may have unfavorable long term effects, and some may even be downright harmful.

The key to determining the best technique/ Medicine is through Medical Standards – The Food and Drug Association (FDA) in India is an organization which ensures all Food and medical products are safe, of high quality and effective. A Similar Medical body in the United States prevails to conduct similar activities.
The Ultroid Technique, used at ClinTech India is a US FDA Approved Technique, Ensuring that treatments are absolutely safe, effective and focus on cure and elimination of the disorder. Dr. Sambit Patnaik, Head Surgeon at ClinTech India, has trained under leading ‘Ultroid’ experts in the US and has started his own practice in India for everyone to benefit from this revolutionary technology aimed at elimination of Piles instantly.

Dr. Patnaik is available at ClinTech on Appointment basis only.