Are You Looking For a fissures Treatment That Will Permanently Cure Fissures? Clintech is the best solution for your problem.

An anal fissure is quite common. It occurs when the skin surrounding the anus develops a cut. Fissures are painful and can bleed each time you stretch your anal muscles too far due to constipation or diarrhea. Fissures are not piles or hemorrhoids, as most people think, and that’s the reason why you should be examined by a qualified doctor. He or she will give you a proper diagnosis and recommend the best non-surgical fissure treatment. ClinTech is the most trusted fissure medical doctor in India.
It provides the best medical services in terms of cost and therapy. Everyone who thinks they might have an anal fissure should visit ClinTech Medical Center. It is designed for all patients regardless of age or gender. Even if you are a woman who has developed a fissure after giving birth, wants to hear from you. Fissures are common in older people, new mothers and those who suffer from Crohn’s disease. So, if you have mild or chronic fissures, the right thing is to visit our ClinTech clinic.
Signs of anal fissures
As aforesaid, people who have fissures fear they have hemorrhoids. So it is important to know the symptoms to look at. The most common sign is pain during and after bowel movements. However, you can also see blood on your stool or toilet paper, feel a tiny lump near the fissure, have chaffed anal skin or develop anal itching. Some of these symptoms are similar to those noted by people who have hemorrhoids or piles. So it is important to get examined by an expert doctor to know what you are suffering from. There is no clinic that will treat you better than ClinTech Medical Centre. Get in touch with the customer care so as to book your first appointment.
Treatment options
Once you visit ClinTech, you will talk to one of the most educated and experienced doctor and specialist. He or she will examine you to determine whether you have fissures or something else. If they find out that you do, the next thing they will do is to give you guidance on treatment procedures. ClinTech provides two kinds of treatment methods. The first one is chemical sphincterotomy, a botox injection developed only for people with anal fissures.
The injection is administered into the anal sphincter muscle to stop the spasm than worsens the anal fissure. What’s more, chemical sphincterotomy causes a short-lived paralytic relaxation that lasts until all the tissues are renewed. During the three months time that this botox injection would remain active, the fissure gets healed. The next method of treatment is called percutaneous closed lateral internal sphincterotomy. It is a surgical method that is commonly called CLIS.
It involves a quick surgical process that triggers minimal invasion. Done under local anaesthesia, this surgery happens on the internal anal sphincter muscle. It reduces the internal anal sphincter’s pressure, leading to fewer spasms. Due to lowered anal spasms, more blood flows to the area and promotes the healing of the wound. CLIS triggers just a tiny wound that heals quickly and without maddening pain.