6 Yoga Poses to Treat Piles and Fissures

If you have piles, exercise is likely the last thing you may be thinking of doing. However, exercises like yoga can help you to deal with this condition. Lack of exercise is a major contributing factor to the formation of piles. Yoga plays an important role in piles and fissures treatment.

Yoga has no side effects. It includes bodily exercises such as stretching and asanas (poses) that relax the blood vessels to improve blood circulation. These exercises also relax the muscles, improve the immune systems and remove toxins from the body. Yoga can also help you reduce the chances of having constipation. This can minimize the risk of getting hemorrhoids by up to 90 percent. The following are 6 yoga poses for piles and fissures. They will help you to relieve pain and have easier bowel movements.

Legs up the wall or Viparita Karani

This pose can help improve blood circulation to the anal area. This, in turn, will help reduce the symptoms of piles. Viparita Karani will also help minimize the stress caused by excessive straining when having a bowel movement.

Child’s pose or Balasana

This posture can also help increase blood circulation towards the anal area. It also helps alleviate constipation. You should stay in the child’s pose for at least a minute. You can remain in this position longer as long as you are comfortable.

Garland pose or Malasana

This pose can help prevent constipation, which is a leading cause of piles. The Garland pose will work on your hips, spine and buttocks. In addition, it will stretch and contract the abdomen to balance the functioning of the whole digestive tract. Try to remain in this posture for eight to ten breaths before relaxing.

Wind-relieving pose or Payanmukhtasana

If you apply firm and gentle pressure on your stomach as you practice payanmukhtasana, it can help ease discomfort and release trapped gases in the lower abdomen. This pose also helps to release muscle tension in the anal area. Remain in this position for five to six seconds while observing your breath.

Sitting half spinal twist or Ardha Matsyendrasana

This yoga pose can provide your digestive system with the much-needed boost. The abdominal discomfort will decrease and you will feel that your weakness has disappeared. The blocked energy or life force will start flowing freely. Remain in the twisting posture for five or more breaths and repeat on the opposite side.

Hand underfoot or Padhastasana

This posture is suitable for beginners, but strength and flexibility are required in order to do it. This pose offers relief from joint pain, back pain and abdominal pain. Your abdominal muscles will get relaxed and stretched and this will eliminate problems with your bowel movements.

The yoga asanas above will help you to relieve the symptoms of hemorrhoids and fissures. It is also available to seek non-surgical fissure treatment. This treatment is available at the ClinTech Medical Centre. If you are having problems with anal rectal conditions like piles, fissures and fistula, you can seek treatment at ClinTech.

The ClinTech Medical Centre has well-trained surgeons who offer painless, safe and non-surgical treatment for anal rectal conditions. This will allow you to get back to your normal lifestyle within a short time. The treatments that ClinTech offers are effective and affordable. Contact us now to learn more about the treatments available.

Facts about Fissures and How It Is Different from Piles

Anal fissures are a common disease among people, despite their age and gender. Piles are another very common disease – sometimes even more common than anal fissures – many people around the world suffer. Even though they are very similar diseases, sometimes caused by the same reasons, there is a difference between anal fissures and piles. Before learning their difference, you must understand what anal fissures are and why do they happen. These are the facts about fissures you should know:

  1. Anal fissures are cuts in the anus that are caused by passing dry and hard stools.

  2. Anal fissures cause a lot of pain because they take a lot of time to heal. They do not heal so easily because there is not enough blood running toward the fissures due to spasms in the sphincter.

  3. There are many things that can cause anal fissures, for instance, constipation due to a diet low in fiber and water, stress or certain medications.

  4. Women are prone to suffer anal fissures due to childbirth. The chances are always very high.

What are piles then?

  1. Piles are swollen veins that got irritated due to the stretching of their walls.

  2. Piles are widely known as hemorrhoids.

  3. Piles cannot be always noticed. Internal piles can appear, and cannot be felt nor noticed. The only sign that can tell you are suffering piles is bleeding.

  4. Besides constipation, piles can be caused due to genetics or lifting too heavy things.

What is then the difference between anal fissures and piles? Just as you read it, piles are swollen veins, while anal fissures are cuts that cannot heal due to lack of blood supply. It is important to know the difference to know the treatment that must be used.

It does not matter if a person suffers piles or anal fissures, it is more than obvious that the only thing that person wants is a piles and fissure treatment that can offer the relief and well-being that person needs and deserves. And let us tell you, there are no better treatments than the ones offered by ClinTech.

The most common and preferred treatment at ClinTech for anal fissures is the chemical sphincterotomy. This non-surgical fissure treatment is a Botox injection that reduces the spasms in the sphincter so blood supply can increase towards the anus and fissures can heal. This is the preferred treatment because it is not as invasive as other treatments there are.

In case of piles, the treatment performed at ClinTech is the Ultroid hemorrhoids management treatment. With this treatment, the hemorrhoids that are going to be treated are isolated, and then they are treated with a micro electric current that has been designed especially for this. This is one the most painless and effective treatments for piles there are.

ClinTech is your best option for receiving the relief for the pain and discomfort caused by piles and anal fissures. Contact us today so you can discover everything about our treatments, and book an appointment. You will never regret contacting us.

Fissures Treatment without Surgery – Stop Unbearable Burning

We all know how annoying anal fissures are. From all the things you could suffer, this is one of the worst there are. The unbearable burning you feel while lying in bed, while walking, while sitting, and especially while defecating is just something you do not ever want to experience. If you are already experiencing this burning, then you know what we are talking about. When people are suffering anal fissures, and they cannot do anything at all without feeling that unbearable burning they hate so much, the only thing they want to receive is a simple but effective treatment that can take the pain away.

Do you know why anal fissures happen? Most of the times, anal fissures happen due to chronic constipation. Hence constipation, bowels movement are reduced, and stools are harder and drier and cannot easily go through the rectum. When dry and hard stools pass through the rectum, it is highly possible that they cut the anus, which causes an obvious bleeding. These cuts take too much time to heal, and during all that time, they will always hurt and cause discomfort. They take all that time because there is a reduction in the blood supply to the anus due to spasms of the sphincter. The worst part is that they hurt despite whatever activity you are doing, not only when you are passing stools.

ClinTech knows this is a problem that affects thousands in many countries around the world, especially in India. People are often looking for fissure surgeons in Mumbai who can solve their annoying problem. The thing is that these people want a safe and simple solution that does not involve an invasive surgery. Therefore, we have developed a great treatment that can treat anal fissures effectively and does not involve any surgery at all. This is a relief for those who are afraid to submit themselves to a surgery due to the complexity of the procedure and all the things it involves.

The treatment we offer is the chemical sphincterotomy, which is an injection of Botox that will reduce the spasms in the sphincter so blood can flow better towards the rectum and anal fissures can heal. This is considered by many people one of the best treatment for fissures in Thane. It is a very simple and effective treatment that lasts for three months. An evident improvement can be seen after those three months.

You can find this and many other treatments at ClinTech. Each and every piles and fissures treatment has been designed in order to give our patients the relief they want and need. All our treatments are performed by experienced surgeons who have been providing solutions for the unbearable pain caused by anal fissures to many patients throughout these years, and who count with the most advanced equipment to perform effective and quick procedures flawlessly. Contact us today and get the exact help you have been looking for. ClinTech will definitely become in the provider of the solutions you desire the most.

Are You Looking For a fissures Treatment That Will Permanently Cure Fissures? Clintech is the best solution for your problem.

An anal fissure is quite common. It occurs when the skin surrounding the anus develops a cut. Fissures are painful and can bleed each time you stretch your anal muscles too far due to constipation or diarrhea. Fissures are not piles or hemorrhoids, as most people think, and that’s the reason why you should be examined by a qualified doctor. He or she will give you a proper diagnosis and recommend the best non-surgical fissure treatment. ClinTech is the most trusted fissure medical doctor in India.
It provides the best medical services in terms of cost and therapy. Everyone who thinks they might have an anal fissure should visit ClinTech Medical Center. It is designed for all patients regardless of age or gender. Even if you are a woman who has developed a fissure after giving birth, clintech.in wants to hear from you. Fissures are common in older people, new mothers and those who suffer from Crohn’s disease. So, if you have mild or chronic fissures, the right thing is to visit our ClinTech clinic.
Signs of anal fissures
As aforesaid, people who have fissures fear they have hemorrhoids. So it is important to know the symptoms to look at. The most common sign is pain during and after bowel movements. However, you can also see blood on your stool or toilet paper, feel a tiny lump near the fissure, have chaffed anal skin or develop anal itching. Some of these symptoms are similar to those noted by people who have hemorrhoids or piles. So it is important to get examined by an expert doctor to know what you are suffering from. There is no clinic that will treat you better than ClinTech Medical Centre. Get in touch with the customer care so as to book your first appointment.
Treatment options
Once you visit ClinTech, you will talk to one of the most educated and experienced doctor and specialist. He or she will examine you to determine whether you have fissures or something else. If they find out that you do, the next thing they will do is to give you guidance on treatment procedures. ClinTech provides two kinds of treatment methods. The first one is chemical sphincterotomy, a botox injection developed only for people with anal fissures.
The injection is administered into the anal sphincter muscle to stop the spasm than worsens the anal fissure. What’s more, chemical sphincterotomy causes a short-lived paralytic relaxation that lasts until all the tissues are renewed. During the three months time that this botox injection would remain active, the fissure gets healed. The next method of treatment is called percutaneous closed lateral internal sphincterotomy. It is a surgical method that is commonly called CLIS.
It involves a quick surgical process that triggers minimal invasion. Done under local anaesthesia, this surgery happens on the internal anal sphincter muscle. It reduces the internal anal sphincter’s pressure, leading to fewer spasms. Due to lowered anal spasms, more blood flows to the area and promotes the healing of the wound. CLIS triggers just a tiny wound that heals quickly and without maddening pain.

Clintech – Avail cashless facility for fissure treatment in Mumbai

Surgical procedures are ever so dreadful even to think of but not with highly qualified doctors and surgeons to do operations. If you are looking for fissure surgeons in Mumbai than look no further. ClinTech Medical Centre is one of the most advanced centers’ in Mumbai offering varied other treatments. They use latest technological medical machines that give correct analysis and treatment options. The clinic offers many other facilities that are very suitable for a common person. The surgeons are high quality and trained to do fissure treatment and in many cases, you can avail the facility by going Cashless! Yes, you absolutely heard it right. ClinTech is ever so conscious of giving the best treatments along with good facilities. Let us get a brief idea of what are fissures and how can one proceed with the treatment.

Anal Fissures are nothing but a cut or damaged the skin of the anus and hence it is given the name anal fissure. Fissures bleed and they cause pain, hence they are often confused with piles or hemorrhoids. In most cases, it happens when the muscles are stretched too far. It causes pain on the anus. It usually occurs in the people who suffer from constipation or diarrhea. In some cases, it is also said to occur in older patients due to decreased blood flow in the anal area. In some cases, fissure treatment without surgery in Mumbai can be done since it is painless and often doesn’t require much time. This type of treatment is often offered or solved by medication or through surgery or laparoscopic treatments.

ClinTech offers the best treatment for fissures with qualified fissure surgeons in Mumbai that use advanced methods and machines. The typical symptom of the fissures is pain during bowel movement, blood in the stools, itching in the anal, damage to the skin of anus, lump close to anal fissure. Usually, Anal fissures are caused by hard stools that pressurize the anal canal, uneasiness during the bowel movement, stress, IBD bowel disease or Crohn’s disease.

Anal fissures are identified as inflammatory bowel disease that can cause infections, anal growths can eventually cause fissure like symptoms. Patients suffering from continual anal pain should go for treatment from experienced fissure surgeons in Mumbai. There are several ways, through which fissures can be treated; there is fissure treatment without surgery in Mumbai also where one can reduce the pain by the use of medicines. Doctors often suggest high fiber diet, stool softeners, fluid to relieve constipation symptoms. These all factors together amount the healing process of the fissure. Warm baths are also suggested that can truly give a soothing effect and give relaxation to anal muscles. There are also several medical therapies that are suggested by doctors that truly give great results.

ClinTech offers surgical procedures that are non-invasive or with much minimal invasion. Patients truly feel relief after the surgery has been performed. To top it all, they are quite adjustable when it comes to making payments. Go cashless and enjoy a freedom that you have been vouching for a very long time.

Clintech Provides You Best Fissure Treatment Without Any Surgery In Mumbai

The damage of the skin or cuts in the skin of anus is known as fissures. These fissures usually bleed and cause a lot of discomfort, because of which people tend to assume that they are suffering from piles. It is very common for women to have anal fissures after they give birth, while it can also easily happen to people suffering from Crohn’s diseases. In senior patients, anal fissures occur due to reduced flow of blood to the anal region.
Though there are various reasons behind this condition, only a fissure specialist in Mumbai can help you understand the condition and advise you the correct treatment method for it.
There are only a select few clinics who are able to provide an efficient fissure treatment without surgery in Mumbai, and ClinTech is one of them.
Though the tear caused on the skins usually heals itself, but if it persists for more than six to seven weeks, then it considered to be a long-term problem and the patient is supposed to consult the best fissure doctor in the vicinity. Non-surgical treatments are the best approach to ensure proper healing while relieving all the discomfort simultaneously.
To be able to identify anal fissures properly one should look for symptoms like a visible skin tear around the anus, or presence of a lump of skin next to the skin tear, experiencing sharp pains during bowel movements and blood on stools and also itching in the anal region.
No kind of bleeding should ever be neglected, but at the same time trying various remedies before consulting a doctor can lead to more damage than cure. It is always recommended to visit a fissure specialist in Mumbai to analyze the medical condition properly and then carry forward the treatment based on the doctor’s advice.

Clintech – A Guide to Healing Non-Surgical Fissure Treatment

If you have piles or fissures, it is time to seek piles and fissures treatment . You should seek medical treatment if you have rectal bleeding. A number of problems can cause rectal bleeding, including hemorrhoids, Crohn’s disease, colitis, colon polyps and colorectal cancer. It is essential to get an accurate diagnosis.

In order to know if you have piles, your doctor will examine the anal area. Your doctor can also insert a lubricated gloved finger, a proctoscope or an anoscope into the rectum. Additional procedures may be required to identify internal hemorrhoids or rule out other conditions that can cause anal bleeding.

In order to see further into the anal canal, a doctor can use sigmoidoscopy. The physician can also use colonoscopy to view the whole colon. For both of these procedures, a doctor may insert a flexible and lighted viewing tube into the rectum. A barium X-ray can also be used to view the entire interior of the colon. Before the X-ray of the lower gastrointestinal tract is taken, a barium enema is performed.

The goal of treating anal fissures is breaking the cycle of spasm of the anal sphincter and the repeated tearing of the anoderm. Due to advancements in medical sciences, surgery is not necessary when it comes to treating piles. Even though surgery treats the problems quickly, high relapse rates, recuperation time and costs are involved. Medical facilities like the ClinTech Medical Center use modern non-surgical procedures to treat piles and fissures. These non-surgical procedures have helped to minimize the fear and the severity of the ailment.

In acute fissures, non-surgical fissure treatment is successful in most patients. Of acute fissures, eighty to ninety percent will heal with conservative measures when compared to recurrent fissures, which show a forty percent rate of healing. Initial treatment involves following a high fiber diet and softening the stool with methylcellulose or psyllium preparations.

Home remedies include avoiding foods that may not be digested well, such as tortilla chips, popcorn, and nuts, the increase of liquid intake and sitz baths. Sitz baths are encouraged, especially after bowel movements to relax the spasm, to enhance blood flow to the anus and to clean the anus without having to rub and irritated anoderm.

Topical steroids and anesthetics can also be used to treat fissures. In most cases, a minute amount of the steroid is amalgamated in the anesthetic cream in order to minimize inflammation. Steroids should only be used for a period of two weeks or less because longer use can cause the anoderm to thin and it can get affected by trauma. Oral medicines are also effective in relaxing the internal sphincter smooth muscle. They aid healing.

Ointments containing the relaxant nitroglycerin are also effective in treating anal fissures. Nitroglycerin causes relaxation of the internal anal fissure and reduces the anal resting pressure. After the application of an ointment containing nitroglycerin to the anal canal, it diffuses across the anoderm and causes the internal fixture to relax. This minimizes pressure on the anal canal. Ointments that contain calcium channel blocking drugs are also effective in the treatment of anal fissures.

The technologies and treatments we use at the ClinTech Medical Center do not require any type of banding, stapling or operation. We offer a non-operative professional option to traditional hemorrhoid treatments, which is pain-free, secure and efficient. After the ten to twelve minute process carried out at ClinTech, you can start living normally again. You do not need to stay in the hospital. The treatments we offer do not require any groundwork, preparation, and anesthesia.