Colon Cancer is a Big Problem for a Healthy Lifestyle

In the case of 95 percent of the people who suffer from low colonic and rectal cancers they generally think that they are suffering from piles. In such cases, it is always better to get detected and avail colon cancer treatment as soon as possible. It is common knowledge that cancer happens when a cell in your body starts to grow. Normally, in these cases this growth becomes uncontrollable. Piles cancer is a kind of cancer that starts in the rectum or the final part of the colon. Its symptoms are similar to piles and this is why patients tend to mix it up with piles as well.

In these cases, the cells gain the ability to spread to other parts of the body or invade it. This is because of their unusual growth owing to the disease. The only way out of this is proper colon cancer treatment. The main symptoms that you should look out for in these cases are bloating, loss of appetite, and constipation, to name a few.

Screening & Detection

To put things into perspective, it needs to be said that in the last 2 decades there has been a decrease in the death rate from colon cancer.

Much of this is because of the fact that it has now become easier to screen patients for such diseases. In these cases, doctors can detect any and all abnormal growths can and with the help of proper colon cancer treatment they can nip it in the bud itself. This allows them to be prevented from turning cancerous. In these cases of colorectal cancer, there is enough evidence to suggest that if detected early it can be cured with a considerable degree of ease. In the last few years, technological improvements in this domain have happened at a rapid rate.

This has made it easier to carry out both the kinds of colon cancer treatment – surgical and medical.

What are the risk factors of this disease?

Normally, the more we grow older the risk of colon cancer increases. If you have a family history of such cancer you could be vulnerable to it as well. If you do not do any physical exercise and are obese or overweight there is a high chance you could suffer from this disease. Bad habits such as smoking and excessive alcohol consumption could put you at risk of suffering from the disease as well.

If you have too much of processed meat or red meat in your daily diet you could suffer from colon cancer and in that case you have to seek colon cancer treatment in order to stand a chance of getting well. In fact, such dietary habits can cause you to suffer from other forms of cancer as well.

Apart from the signs and symptoms that have been mentioned already you also need to watch out for bright red or dark blood in your stool, changes in timing and frequency of your bowel motions, etc. Excessive gas or flatulence is also a major issue in this regard.



Hemorrhoids – Treatment & Healing Methods

Hemorrhoids, which is commonly called piles are swellings consisting of enlarged blood vessels found inside and around the anus and rectum collectively and commonly called the bottom. With changing food habits and lifestyle, piles have become a very common problem in the adult and old population. Often asymptomatic, some people do experience some common symptoms which vary on the basis of age, condition, severity, type and location like:

  • Pain during passing stools
  • Anal bleeding
  • Soreness sensations
  • Lumps on the rectum
  • Opening the bowels causing pain
  • The appearance of slimy mucus
  • Stained underwear
  • Swelling of the rectum
  • A constant need for passing stool
  • Lack of appetite
  • A pale face from bleeding
  • A heavy feeling while opening the anus

Though consumption of spicy food and unhealthy oily food is commonly associated with the main cause of hemorrhoids, other common causes are:

  • Constipation
  • Exercise
  • Low-fiber diet
  • Intense straining
  • Genetic conditions
  • Pregnancy
  • Ageing disorder
  • Obesity
  • Prolonged inactivity
  • No valves within the hemorrhoidal veins


The symptoms of Hemorrhoids usually settle down after few days on their own and hemorrhoids associated with pregnancy resolve after child birth. Some lifestyle changes you can make are:

  • Increase the daily fiber intake. Consume fruits, wholegrain rice, vegetables, whole wheat pasta, nuts, pulses, oats etc.
  • Drink plenty of water and cut down those extra coffee and booze shots
  • Avoid laziness, don’t delay bowel movement.
  • Lose weight
  • Exercise often

Apart from these creams, ointments, suppositories etc. are available from pharmacy and in certain cases banding is also prescribed.

One very convenient and effective treatment is undergoing a hemorrhoid laser surgery. In this procedure, hemorrhoid arterial flow feeding the hemorrhoid plexus is stopped by means of Doppler guided laser coagulation.

If you are looking for a hemorrhoid surgery, then ClinTech should be your destination. With expert surgeons and technicians in the field of coloproctological sciences they ensure your surgery goes safely and properly. With high quality services, associations with hospitals and a name famous amongst domestic patients and medical tourists at extremely competitive prices, you will not regret coming here.

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Best Laparoscopic Treatment For Piles – Some Options Here

Best Laparoscopic Treatment For Piles – Some Options Here

Piles or hemorrhoids occur in a human body because of the swollen blood vessels in the anal passage. Hemorrhoids are clumps, cushions and masses of tissue in the anal canal. The hemorrhoids are full of supportive tissue, blood vessels, elastic fibers, and muscle . When the veins swell inside the anal they cause internal hemorrhoids and when they swell near the opening of the anus, they create external hemorrhoids.

Cause and symptoms of piles

The problem of hemorrhoids can appear in a human body for a number of reasons. The reasons are as such Low fiber diet, Obesity, Diarrhea, Previous surgery on rectal, Injury in the spinal cord, Colon cancer, Pregnancy and others. The effects of piles in a human body are as such

  • A solid inflammation can be felt around the anus. The inflammation consists coagulated blood is known as thrombosed external hemorrhoid. This causes pain.

  • A hard pain at the time of passing stools

  • Itchiness and Irritation around the anus

  • The bowels open up and cause pain

  • Muscles expulsion once the bowels are emptied

  • A sensation of soreness, etc.

Treatments for piles

Hemorrhoids can be of various types, such as internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids. In some of the cases hemorrhoids can be cured only through oral medicines, but in most of the cases, the hemorrhoids have to be operated. Various types of surgeries are available to cure the problem of piles. If you are suffering from the problem of piles, you must visit the renowned clinic ClinTech where you will get to avail the latest ways of treating your problem of hemorrhoids.

Laparoscopic Treatment

Among the number of ways of treating hemorrhoids,Laparoscopic Treatment For Piles is one of the well-known procedure for curing the problem of piles. Laparoscopic surgery is also known as Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS), keyhole surgery, or bandaid surgery. According to the way of this surgery, the operation is performed far away from the affected part of the body through some small incisions. You will be able to get the modern treatment once you visit the clinic of ClinTech.

Advantages of doing a Laparoscopic Treatment

Once you get a Laparoscopic treatment to get rid of your problem of hemorrhoids, you can be sure to get a number of advantages. The ways in which a Laparoscopic surgery can benefit you are as follows:

  • It reduces hemorrhaging which decreases the possibility of needing a blood transfusion

  • The smaller incisions result in less post-operative marks

  • Help the patient to recover quickly

  • Known as a relatively painless process and thus need low pain medication

  • Reduce the risk of exposing the internal organs and thereby lower the risk of infection

Though the process of following Laparoscopy is questioned in some cases, in the case of curing the problem of piles it is an entirely safe and secure process and you can be sure to get the best of the treatment once you get the treatment from ClinTech.

Combination of Medical technology and a healthy lifestyle can reduce the Pain of Piles – Clintech

Combination of Medical technology and a healthy lifestyle can reduce the Pain of Piles – Clintech

Piles or Hemorrhoid is considered as one of the painful diseases that can happen to anyone, belonging to any age group. Irrespective of gender of a person, piles happen due to various reasons. Some of the common reasons of piles are the constipation, unhealthy colon, malnutrition, excessive toxins inside body, pregnancy, and many more. Piles are painful and in many cases, they lead to bleeding, causing burning sensation. So, if you are suffering from it, you need to find a good piles clinic for effectual and quickest treatments. Under the supervision and advices of a good physician, this kind of disorder can be cured completely.

So, if you are looking for piles treatment in Mumbai, it is not a difficult task to locate a clinic for effective treatments of the piles. However, before admitting patient in a clinic, it is essential to know the facilities that are offered by the clinic. It is also important to know the competencies of doctors in that particular clinic. For best and safest treatment, it is always better to choose dedicated clinics. Dedicated clinics provide specialized medical team, including proficient doctors, who can deliver seamless treatment services, ensuring fully health safety for the patients. The Clintech is such an advanced clinic for piles treatment in Mumbai.

At Clintech, we offer effective and safest piles treatment options for patients of various age groups. From men to women – from kids to adult – we have a seamless medical service offering for everyone. Providing effective treatment for piles is our aim, and we do that by deploying the most cutting edge machineries as well as technologies. Latest techniques are used to ensure flawless treatments, giving you freedom from piles for ever. In many cases, it has been noted that even after treatments, problem of piles returns in future. Our treatment also covers this aspect precisely. We use the latest technologies for piles treatment to ensure that piles will not return to your life in the future – achieve complete freedom from piles with our services.

Piles Treatment at Clintech

As mentioned earlier, Clintech focuses on offering piles treatment with the deployment of latest machineries, technologies and methodologies. With expertise doctors and competent medical staffs, we ensure the following things:

  • We provide quick and noninvasive methods for piles treatment. No cuts, no blood and no scars are assured.
  • We adopt the safest and proven techniques for piles treatment.
  • The reasons behind the occurrence of the piles have been diagnosed and treatment process has been initiated accordingly.
  • Our treatment techniques, machineries and methodologies are approved by FDA (USA).
  • No hospitalization is required – you can return home on the same day.
  • Cutting edge treatment techniques are available for kids and women.

As a women piles clinic, Clintech has earned an excellent reputation. We are one of the pioneering clinics in Mumbai for effectual piles treatment. Our painless treatment technique will ensure complete relief against piles for ever. There is no chance for returning piles to your life, and our treatment solutions assure that with precision. Contact Clintech for cost-effective and high standard piles treatment.

Looking for the Treatment which will Permanently Cure Your Piles – Clintech

Hemorrhoids are one of the most common, most painful and most embarrassing digestive disorders we are faced with. Also knows as piles, hemorrhoids are basically inflamated blood vessels located around the back, anal, region. Based on their position, they can be categorized as internal or external piles. Being caused from weak veins, bad habits and/or an incorrect diet, hemorrhoids are not only the number one cause of pain and anal bleeding, but also a major source of embarrassment and inconvenience to a large percent of the population. While usually experienced between 40 and 50 years of age, piles patience have known to be diagnosed at younger and younger ages. While they are usually not dangerous and can be often quite easily treated, Piles represent a major inconvenience and should always be evaluated by a specialist. The sooner you get treatment, the easier and faster the curing treatment will be!

Hemorrhoids usually heal themselves if supported by correct eating habits. A well-balanced, rich fiber diet can prevent, lessen and help cure a piles problem. Fiber supplements and foods rich in Flavonoid (like berries, for example) are also very highly recommended. However, if the piles problem continues to persist and/or develop into a chronic, painful issue, the piles should be inspected and evaluated by a doctor. Navi Mumbai is one of the places where people can find the Best Piles Treatment. Clintech uses the entire evolution and medicine advancement in the field to bring their patients the absolute best care. Depending on the gravity and the stage of the hemorrhoids, the clinic offers Laparoscopic Treatment, Laser Treatment, Ultroid Treatment and even Painless Piles Surgery for the most severe of cases. These treatments were all specially developed to permanently cure piles. Due to the highly specialized doctors and ultra-modern techniques used, intervention doesn’t usually even require any form of hospitalization. Pile treatments are no longer painful and inefficient. If you are a proud member of the beautiful sex and privacy is everything for you, Clintech also offers Piles Treatment For Women. Women with piles should be extremely careful during pregnancy. In this stage of life, piles might be a particularly disturbing and annoying matter as no ointment or natural, chemical, laser or other Pregnancy Piles Treatment should be performed without the strict supervision of a doctor. In case you are pregnant and your hemorrhoids are giving you a hard time, contact your doctor!

With the advancement of medicine, its technology and techniques, hemorrhoids are no longer a painful lifelong sentence. So, if you are in pain and/or suffer from particularly itchy piles, don’t hesitate and contact a specialist. They don’t have to be chronic to cause inconvenience and require treatment. Our health care and well being are nowadays highly important aspects of our lives. Give your health the right amount of care and the attention that it needs. It is the outmost symbol and representation of our growing and evolving standard of life. Your body is a temple, consider taking good care of it.

5 Most Effective Ways To Treat Piles – Clintech

Suffering from Piles/hemorrhoids is not anybody’s fault. In fact, it is so ubiquitous among the Indian population between the ages of 45-60 that it has resulted in the advent of many piles clinic in Mumbai. These clinics offer specialized state of the art facilities, care and treatment for both internal and external hemorrhoid cases. There is also a women piles clinic in Mumbai that specifically help women with piles to get better. The sudden increase in the number of piles cases in Mumbai have been attributed chiefly to environmental factors such as pollution and unhealthy dietary habits. So what exactly is piles? In simplified terms, piles or hemorrhoids are painful inflammation of veins in the anal region. Due to its position of an occurrence, many people are quite embarrassed or scared to consult a doctor. However, the reluctance in seeking medical attention due to fear or shyness is not going to make the problem go away. It is always better to nip it in the bud and move on. Please bear in mind that if it is left untreated, piles can lead to many dangerous complications including the possible risk of cancer.

Surgery offers the quickest way to get rid of the problem. However, many people, due to fear, expense incurred and time delay in recuperation, are quite reluctant to subject themselves to this procedure. Are you one such person living in Mumbai? Do you want to get rid of your problem without much fuss? Well, here’s some good news for you. Many piles clinics in Mumbai offer you alternate options to surgery, especially for the lower grades. Many of these methods are cost-effective, quick, non-intrusive and painless. Here are 5 most effective ways to treat piles without resorting to surgery:

Ultroid hemorrhoid management treatment: This is one of the best alternatives to surgery. Ultroid hemorrhoid treatment utilizes a specialized probe that painlessly removes the hemorrhoid within minutes. The entire procedure does not involve any cutting, bleeding or scarring. The entire procedure can be performed in the comfort of your physician’s office. ClinTech Piles Medical Center, a leading Mumbai based medical facility specializes in the ultroid treatment of piles. In addition to providing a very effective treatment of piles, Clintech also offers the best team of internationally qualified doctors to perform the procedure and all of the treatments are covered under Mediclaim.

Ayurveda: This is another popular and effective treatment for piles. If you are a resident of Mumbai, seeking an Ayurvedic remedy to your problem, you should definitely head to many Piles Clinic Mumbai. This medical center utilizes specialized Ayurvedic techniques such as Agnikarma (Thermal Cautery) and Ksharakarma (application of organic alkalies) to treat and prevent the reoccurrence of piles.

Homeopathy: This is one of the most effective, gentle and non-surgical procedures to treat and manage piles. The relapse rate of patients undergoing homeopathic treatment is very less as it focuses on treating the root cause of the problem such as genetic tendencies and habitual constipation.

Herbal remedies: Certain herbs such as butcher’s broom, horse chestnut, Bilberry, Mullein and Witch Hazel contain antinflammtory agents, steroids and isoflavnoids which not only help to treat piles, but also help in relieving pain, bleeding , burning sensations and other symptoms associated with the disease.

Neutraceuticals and over the counter medicines: These are effective in treating lower grades of the piles. However, these are not as effective as the other four treatments. Many medical centers in Mumbai dispense specific medicines for piles on the recommendation of the physician.

In conclusion, the advancement in medical sciences has made surgery practically obsolete in the treatment of piles. While effective in quickly removing the problem, it incurs high relapse rates, costs and recuperation time. Medical centers such as ClinTech, with their most modern non-surgical procedures, have definitely helped to reduce the severity and fear of the disease.

Now Get Rid of Your Piles Without a Surgery in Minutes with ‘ClinTech’, Providing Best Treatment for Piles

Hemorrhoids or piles can happen to anyone at any time. They bleed, itch and hurt. Worst of all hemorrhoids are pretty embarrassing. Actually you cannot even talk about it with someone. Therefore, how to cure piles is most often questions arise in our mind? But now with Clintech’s Effective Non-Surgical Piles Treatment you can get rid of your pile without any surgery in a very little time. Dr.Sambit Patnaik – Minimal Invasive Coloproctologist & Surgeon provide best treatment for piles.

Our doctors assured you about the treatment of piles, they guarantees that you can get rid from your pile within a minute without any surgery i.e. no cuts, no scare and no bleed at all. Also treatment offered at ClinTech is fully covered by Mediclaim so you don’t have to worry about treatment expense.  You are getting permanent relief to certain grade of piles in a very safest, effective and affordable manner. Moreover, we have a team of internationally trained doctors and we are using US FDA Approved Techniques. Also there is no need of hospitalization as we believe in “walk-in walk – out” concept.

Our doctor advises several treatments like warm seat baths, dietary changes, stool softeners, exercise, and OTC medication for piles. In a extreme case, modern surgical technique – Ultroid Hemorrhoid Management Treatment has been performed by the specialist of ClinTech in order to cure severe piles problem. This surgery involves no pain and invasion.

If you are really getting fade up of your piles problem and want to get rid from your piles then don’t get fret! And get ready for a massive dose of relief for piles problem at ClinTech Piles Medical Centre.

Worrying About Your Fissure Problem? ClinTech Provides the best treatment for Fissures in Mumbai

A fissure is a small split or tear in the thin moist tissue (mucosa) lining the lower rectum (anus). It is very common in infants but may occur at any age, however, the rate of anal fissures decreases with age. Fissures are much less common among school-aged children than infants. In adults, fissures is caused by constipation, the passing of large, hard stools or prolonged diarrhea. In older adults, anal fissures is caused by decreased blood flow to the infected area. Anal fissures are also common in women after childbirth and persons with Crohn’s disease. The treatment of anal fissures is very important in order to reduce pain and to heal wounds. ClinTech Medical center provides the best Treatment for Fissures in Mumbai. This treatment includes Chemical Sphincterotomy and Percutaneous Closed Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy.

In Chemical Sphincterotomy, Botox is injected into the anal sphincter for curing anal fissures. It is a very common Treatment for Anal Fissures. The only reason that the cure of anal fissure is delayed is due to the spasm of the internal anal sphincter muscle that lowers down the blood supply to that area and results in more irritation to the fissures during the passage of motion through a spasmodic anal canal. The Botox prevents spasm and causes a momentary paralytic relaxation until the tissues are renewed. The effects last for three months and the anal fissures heal during that time.

Percutaneous Closed Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy is a surgical method popularly known as CLIS. It is a quick and minimal invasive method performed on the internal part of the anal muscle. The internal anal sphincter is administered under local anesthesia in order to treat chronic anal fissures. This surgical process basically lessens the pressure of the internal anal sphincter and the contraction is reduced by isolating this internal anal sphincter. The fissure is cured as the anal spasm is reduced and blood flow to the area is improved. With this technique, the wound is smaller and heals faster.

Now cure your Piles Without Surgery with Clintech’s Effective Non-Surgical Piles Treatment

Hemorrhoids or piles are very uncomfortable and painful and can make life miserable. But now cure your Piles without Surgery with ClinTech’s Effective Non-Surgical Piles Treatment. Here are some recurring patterns that our piles specialist doctor advises in the treatment of piles:

  • Take seated baths with warm-cold water (3-4 a day) for 10-15 minutes.
  • Apply ice to the affected area to relieve symptoms such as pain, itching and inflammation.
  • Use a Hemorrhoids cream, which is a local analgesic and improves symptoms immediately.
  • You could take oral analgesics to relieve pain temporarily.
  • You can use natural herbal remedies; making tea with leaves from chamomile, burdock, calendula and horse chestnut, which favor the venous circulation.
  • Use hemorrhoid wipes instead of toilet paper, which hydrate, relieve itching and prevent possible infection in the area.

If there is bleeding, or very annoying internal hemorrhoids (itching or significant and sustained pain, heavy mucous secretion), our doctor Dr.Sambit Patnaik – Minimal Invasive Coloproctologist & Surgeon employs the  co-conceptualized coloproctology surgeries at ClinTech – one stop solution for all common ano-rectal disorders. Along with the latest treatment in the ano-rectal surgical multimodality treatment options for hemorrhoidal diseases, he is additionally trained in the unique technique of hemorrhoidolysis popularised in the US by Ultroid Inc. in Tampa, Florida, USA thereby putting him and the three branches of ClinTech as the only centres in the Asia Pacific region of the Ultroid Physician map. This Ultroid Hemorrhoid Management Treatment involves no pain and is completely safe, effective and a one of a kind treatment only available with ClinTech pan Asia!

Why should you go for a painful surgical treatment of piles, when ClinTech can provide you a non-surgical painless procedure

Piles is one of the most common and annoying pain/ inflammation of the veins of the anus. People who suffer from piles experience discomfort, itching, bleeding and an unbearable burning sensation. Those looking for the best possible treatment to be relieved from such pain as quickly as possible without blood loss, cuts and scars look no further! Your search should end with ClinTech India, located in Mumbai that offers the safest, painless and USFDA approved, non-surgical piles treatment using the most cutting-edge technology which is not only effective but highly affordable. Our specialist, employs minimal invasive and painless modern surgical methods known as the “Ultroid Hemorrhoid Management Treatment”.

Ultroid is a medical device which consists of a small base unit, a handle and a double – pronged single use probe that comes in direct contact with the base of the hemorrhoid during treatment. A small amount of milliamperature electric current is applied to the base of the hemorrhoid. The current creates a unique biochemical reaction in the vascular supply vessels to the intracellular level of water that causes the release of hydrogen ions (h 2 Gas) that create action foam concentrates at the point where the probe tips touch the base Hemorrhoid. Foam of this action is a visual indication that the process is working, and not criticism of the destruction of hemorrhoids. Critique the reaction is the production of hydroxyl ions or oh, that lead to a strong base environmental protection around the probe that determine a denaturization of protein, a thrombosis of capillaries feeding vessels and a chemical cauterizing vessels in the vascular supply of hemorrhoids. The result is the destruction of hemorrhoids as the content of the hemorrhoids is reabsorbed by the body. The release of pressure and shrinkage of the fabric causes immediate relief for the patient.

For more information about our Non-Surgical Piles Treatment you can browse our website or can call us for a free tele-counselling.

Piles Cancer


Hemorrhoids commonly known as Piles is a Disorder than may affect close to 70% of the Indian Population in the age group of 18 to 80 Years.

Although this disease may be so rampant, not many undertake treatment since a) They do not expect it to Piles or any of such associated disorder b) They feel shy to seek diagnosis and resort to home remedies instead.

A Diet high in processed fiber is recommended, since Dietary fiber is the only known substance capable of enlarging your stools. A deficiency of fiber can lead to constipation, hemorrhoids, and elevated levels of cholesterol and sugar in the blood.

Women need 25 grams of fiber per day, and men need 38 grams per day, according to the Institute of Medicine.
Recommended Foods Rich in Fibre may Include:
-Corn: Half a Kernel of Corn contains 2 grams of fibre. Popcorn is also a terrific—and low-calorie—fibre source, with about 3.5 grams of fibre per three-cup serving.
-Rajma: If eaten in the right quantity, It can help in maintaining healthy bowel movements and cleansing the digestive tract. Regular Bowel movements are associated with a lower risk of colon/ rectal cancers.
-Spinach: Spinach is a good source of iron and has a good amount of fibre as well. There are approximately 8 grams of fiber in 250 grams of spinach. Indulging in raw spinach salads or steamed fresh spinach is also advantageous.
Good sources of fiber include: lettuce, dark leafy greens, broccoli, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, carrots, pumpkin, potatoes with the skin, asparagus, cabbage, whole wheat pasta, oats, popcorn, nuts, raisins, pears, strawberries, oranges, bananas, blueberries, mangoes, and apples.

Benefits of Ultroid Over Conventional Surgery


ClinTech India possess the Sole Rights to Undertake the Ultroid Procedure Pan Asia.
With our Team of Highly Trained Doctors and Nurses, we have successfully treated Thousands of Patients with issues ranging from Piles; Both Internal and external, Fissures, Fistula to Pregnancy Piles, Piles Cancers Bleeding Piles etc.

ClinTech’s Technique is Covered Under Mediclaim and Involves a Non-surgical and Non-invasive Technique.
All Diagnosis is done after a Consultation with the Doctor, So Call now for an Appointment!

We also Offer a Free TelePhonic Counseling.
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Causes of Piles


Listed below are some Causes associated with Piles:

People face strain in the toilet because of persistent constipation. When it becomes tougher to eject stool out of the anus, the nerves swell more and even rupture at times. Ruptured Hemorrhoids tend to bleed when the condition worsens. This is accompanied by heightened sensitivity and pain.

No stool and excessive stool, both are a reason behind this painful ailment. Diarrhea – i.e., excessive bowel movement also strains the anal muscles.

Sitting too Long:
Sitting on a chair for long hours, like people who work at a desk are more prone to get piles because while we sit for hours at the same place, it puts pressure on your buttocks and hence risks of developing piles also increases.

Standing for Long Hours:
It has been believed that excess off everything is bad and same is the case with piles. Standing for prolonged hours also tends to push blood down to the lower portion of the body, causing swollen veins and arteries and hence, inflamed hemorrhoids.

Lack of a Healthy Diet:
Lack of healthy diet, especially fibrous food, causes constipation and strain during bowel movement. Junk food, excessively spicy food, higher quantities of meat, coupled with lower fluid intake, lead to constipation, which leads to piles.

Healthy Habits

There has always been this long drawn debate over what are the Good Habits to follow and what are downright Bad.

Numerous Journals, Advice Columns, Health Practitioners, Guru’s etc. Have alot to say over this topic, however, what are common among them are; to Eat right, Sleep Tight and Work Hard.


  • Nutrition  forms such an important part of our life and is often the thing we tend to pay the least attention to. From skipping breakfast, to eating Fast-Foods, To eating at irregular intervals. All of this can cost you. To beat this, All you have to do is:


1)       Never Skip Breakfast:

The Gap Between your breakfast time and Dinner is a good 8 Hours or More on an Average. It is necessary to eat to pace up your Bodily functions and start your day without feeling lethargic. Cereal, Coffee, Tea- Whatever you choose, But EAT.


2)        Drink Lots of Water:

It is Necessary to stay Hydrated the entire day. Drinking Water is a Good Habit and should be inculcated at a young age.


3)       Eat Small- But Often

Eating Small Meals will keep you full for a longer period of time. It’s not however necessary to be munching throughout the day. Instead, choose wisely. Foods that are of Soya, or are Baked, Foods rich in Protein, Vegetables and Fruits. Are a few of the wiser choices.


  • Sleep- One of the Most Important daily exercises to keep yourself balanced and Healthy. It might be difficult for many to get even close to 3-4 hours, let alone getting the required 7 hours sleep. But Sleeping, is Important. However Important other things maybe, find the time to Sleep, even for those 3-4 hours.


  • You may have most definitely may have come across the line- ‘Don’t Work Hard, Work Smart’. However, there is no point in working, if you are not going to give everything you got into it. Passion and Drive can make you go places, and get you things you’ve often only dreamed of. Take your Breaks, Make your Plans, Prioritize, Be Flexible – but remember Work is not your Life. Find time for other things as well, like family and friends.


In your never ending quest to find answers, I hope this has been of help. Follow Well and Choose Wisely. No one else Benefits, expect YOU.


The HemoRite is the latest US FDA approved OTC device that gives instant relief to your itching, bleeding and pain causing discomfort from underlying fissures and piles around the anal area. Dr Sambit Patnaik at Clintech has also availed Indian FDA approval for this device and is available in India for the first time with ClinTech. It is a revolutionary product called HemoRite which gives instant relief for the next 10 hours without any pain or bleeding.
It is a drug free device designed specifically for self application at home. It is effective for Internal and External Piles.

It is an alternative therapy for pregnant women suffering from piles.It is also helpful after surgery as well as for painful fissures and fistula patients.

It gives cooling comfort and soothes the swollen tissues without any known side effects.

For details on the HemoRite, visit or email your queries at

Anal Fistula – Treatment and Recovery

Various factors and conditions can cause the development of an anal fistula. It is true that people find this condition really uncomfortable to talk about, yet there is some essential information on its treatment and recovery that everyone dealing with this type of fistula should be familiar with.

In most cases surgery is inevitable as it is proven to be the best way to treat anal fistula. Depending on its location, there is a range of methods such as: fistulotomy, which is a type of surgery used in most of the cases with good long-term results, then, the Seton technique, the advancement flap procedures and the bioprosthetic plug. We at ClinTech provide the least invasive method by using the Video Assisted Anal Fistula Treatment which is a highly recommendable as far as fistula treatment in mumbai goes.

People often find ClinTech searching for a phrase like “fistula treatment without surgery india”. Luckily for them, they stumble onto the website of the best piles hospital in mumbai; where the Fibrin glue method is offered as one common solution. It is a very simple and painless procedure, but with a low level of efficiency.

Concerning recovery from surgery, patients should be aware of several things. The more difficult the operation is, the longer time a patient will have to stay at the hospital. Normally, a wound would take approximately 6 weeks to heal, so a patient needs to be careful and take a good care of it. That implies a regular change of the dressing by the patient or a nurse. Furthermore, there is no room for panic if there is some bleeding or a discharge in the first couple of days after the surgery. Immediate contact with a doctor should be made in case of heavy bleeding, vomiting, high temperature or constipation.

Additionally, taking a bath alongside a dose of paracetamol should offer good pain relief. When dealing with a surgical procedure, some patients take antibiotics to prevent further infection. Laxatives are another option for emptying the bowels after surgery. There are also some restrictions which need to be taken into consideration. Driving, sitting still, or swimming is strictly forbidden in the first 48 hours after surgery.

Generally, there is the risk of recurrence with an anal fistula, but it depends on the type of procedure which had been carried out to treat the fistula and of course on the type of lifestyle the patient has. Remember: “Prevention is better than cure.”

How much you know about your sunscreen?? – Dr.Sangeetha Das, Consultant at ClinTech

We all know we need to protect our skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Of course, it’s     impossible to avoid the sun — who wants to hide indoors when it feels so great to get outside? And the sun’s not all that bad, anyway: Sunlight helps our body to create vitamin D. So follow these tips when you’re outdoors to help manage sun exposure.

First and foremost, it is important to understand the difference between UVA (ultraviolet-A) and UVB (ultraviolet-B).

UVA comes from long-wave solar rays known to penetrate the skin deeply, and is considered the main culprit behind wrinkling and other aspects of photoaging.

UVB, on the other hand, comprises short-wave solar rays that are known to cause sunburn.

Even on cloudy day, upto 80%of the sun’s UV rays can pass through the clouds..

Snow and sand increase the need for sunscreen. Snow reflects 80% of the sun’s rays and sand reflects 25% of the sun’s rays.

Though sunlight is important for healthy skin, just a small amount will do.

 Evidence shows that in temperate countries, anything from 5 to 30 minutes of sunlight exposure between the hours of10am  and 3pm, twice a week, is sufficient to prevent vitamin D deficiency

There are two kinds of sunblocks. First, there is the physical sunblock, which deflects or scatters UV radiation with its active ingredients titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. Then there is the chemical sunblock, which supposedly works by absorbing the energy of UV radiation before it affects the skin.

What is SPF?

All the SPF number lets you know is how long you can stay in the sun without burning when wearing that product. However, it only refers to protection from UVB radiation, without giving you information about protection from UVA radiation

If that SPF 15 or SPF 30 doesn’t contain avobenzone, titanium dioxide or zinc oxide, you are receiving minimal protection from UVA radiation and it is a dangerous product to consider using. Dangerous because the user now spends more time in the sun, thinking that the product offers more protection than it does in reality.

Many sunscreens are also rated as “PA+”, “PA++” or “PA+++”.  PA, which stands for Protection Grade of UVA, measures the ingredients’ protective effect against UVA.  PA+ is sufficient for most activities but should you plan to stay in the sun for long hours, opt for PA+++ or higher, if possible.

So what are you waiting for…Step out  and enjoy the summer!!

Look Good……………… Naturally – By Dr.Nilam Kothari, Dermatologist

The quest for that elusive glow and radiance seems never ending; believe me it all starts with the food on your plate. To know what works best for you, first know your skin type.

This can be done by taking a simple skin test using a dry tissue strip, after cleansing the face with a gentle cleanser wait for 30mins, now take a dry tissue strip and gently dab it with minimal pressure across the face starting from one ear to the other, including the nose. Do this for about 2minutes. Now observe for oil spots over the tissue strip.

Normal skin shows some oil spots predominantly over the nose area.

Oily skin will show large spots all over the strip.

Combination skin shows more number of spots smeared over the nose area.

Dry skin shows very few or no spots at all. In very dry skin fine flakes of dead skin may be seen.

Knowing your basic skin type is the first step towards selecting a smart diet plan that helps you attain healthy and radiant skin that lasts longer. Apart from a balanced diet with ideal proportion of carbs, proteins, fats and micronutrients, inclusion of certain specific food items is highly recommended.

Oily skin type benefits well with diet rich in vitamin A, present abundantly in coloured (red & orange) fruits and veggies like papaya, orange, bell peppers, tomatoes, etc.

Normal skin benefits with diet rich in antioxidants and vitamins A, C & E like gooseberries, olives, nuts, tomatoes, coloured peppers, nuts & fruits.

Dry skin types need proper skin hydration; plenty of water intake does the trick. Also foods rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids help. Rich sources are olive oil, nuts like almonds, peanuts, dried apricot, sunflower seeds, flaxseeds. Fish such as sardines, tuna & salmon should be included in the diet.

Mature skin above 40 years of age is usually dry and may thus require diet suited to dry or combination skin type.

Also antioxidants (vitamins & minerals) are necessary for all skin types to combat the damaging effects of sunlight, pollution, smoking, alcohol & toxins present in processed food and water. Food sources rich in vitamins A, C, and E, selenium, magnesium & zinc are ideal. Selenium & magnesium rich foods include seafood, brown rice, chicken and whole wheat bread. Zinc is found in nuts, cereals and meats (beef, pork, salmon, and chicken). Green tea is power packed with most of the natural antioxidants.

Apart from diet modification, a specific skin care routine suitable to your skin type works wonders. To know more consult your dermatologist who will guide you better.


Botox and Fillers-The Combined Liquid Face Lift!

Erase away frown lines, forehead lines and the lines around the eyes in a single sitting. Botox is a highly purified protein that relaxes wrinkle forming muscles and gives a relaxed and youthful appearance to the face. It can make a person look 4-5 years younger and fresher with just one sitting.
Fillers are used to restore lost volume in the face. As we all know ageing causes our face to get a sunken look and the laugh lines deepen giving a tired ,elderly look.
Hyaluronic acid fillers are gels made from naturally occurring sugars which have the property to fill the lost volume. These fillers also have the ability to absorb water up to 1000 times its weight and improving the overall appearance of dry and sagging skin. The results are immediate and last more than a year.
These fillers can also be used to treat hollow, sunken eyes, thin lips or a droopy mouth.

Fissures Treatment

Caused by trauma to the anus and anal canal due to bowel movement, anal fissure is a cut or tear occurring in the anus that extends up into the anal canal. Anal fissures are fairly common in men as well as women and can occur at any age including infancy. Symptoms of fissures include the patient suffering from anal pain that worsens with bowel movements. This pain may be bearable or severe in some cases. Sometimes the pain can also affect urination and cause discomfort while urinating, inability to urinate or frequent urination. To suggest an appropriate fissures treatment the doctor needs to first diagnose and evaluate the problem. This means the doctor will inspect the anus to confirm the presence of a fissure before suggesting a mode of treatment.

The goal of any anal fissures treatment is to break the cycle of spasm of the anal sphincter and discontinue its repeated tearing of the anoderm. In the case of acute anal fissures a large percentage of patients show speedy recovery and relief from pain by the use of medical therapy that is non-operative in nature. The treatment given to these patients involve adding bulk to the stool and softening the stool with psyllium or methylcellulose preparations and putting them on a high fiber diet. Also, the patients are advised to stay away from foods that may be difficult to digest well such as nuts, popcorn, chips, etc. They also need to increase their liquid intake to ensure the body has adequate fluids to take care of proper digestion. Some doctors may suggest Sitz baths after bowel movements to relax the spasm and increase the flow of blood to the anus.

Giving topical anesthetics and steroids to patients is also pretty common. Anesthetics like Xylocaine, pramoxine and tetracaine are recommended to reduce the pain of defecation. In some cases doctor may recommend oral medication to relax the smooth muscle of the internal sphincter, however the medication does little to actually heal the fissures. Some ointments such as Nitroglycerin, nifedipine, and diltiazem are used to relax the anal canal and increase blood flow, but come with a list of side effect that may be best avoided.

Two of the most successful types in anal fissures treatment are Chemical Sphincterotomy and Closed Internal Sphincterotomy. Chemical Sphincterotomy is a non operative and painless technique using botulinum toxin (BOTOX injection) to treat acute and chronic anal fissures. The injection of the toxin into the internal anal spincter basically paralyses the cavity and allows it to heal by not spasming. The effect of this treatment lasts up to about three months, in which time the fissure heals and the symptoms are resolved. On the other hand, Closed Internal Sphincterotomy is a Day Care Surgery which helps in reducing spasm and improving blood supply to the area to aid in healing.


As a surgeon, I always found operating piles, the traditional way, a fairly tasking affair for the patient as the same is associated with hospitalisation, surgery, post-operative pain and medications, and rest. After adopting the Ultroid Technique at ClinTech for treating symptomatic hemorrhoids, I find myself highly satisfied with the ease of conducting the procedure and excellent post-procedural results. The patients find Ultroid painless without anesthesia, no painkillers/medications afterwards and see dramatic improvement in the form of stoppage of bleeding and discomfort. I highly recommend Ultroid Hemorrhoid Management System as a painfree, permanent, proven and non-invasive treatment of piles and conduct it in preference to other available methods.


Just like all other lifestyle associated diseases, the worsening of the symptoms of piles like bleeding and discomfort, is definitely related to what you have had the day before. Hot and spicy food with loads of oil and meats, lack of greens and beans, as is common in most Indian kitchens, is more often than not an aggravating factor for an already brewing case of piles. If we take to eating healthy by incorporating plenty of fibres and salads, fruits, sensible amounts of meats, whole grains, and make our diet complete and balanced, the malady from piles can largely be avoided. To summate, what we take in healthy, gets out healthy !