Facts about Fissures and How It Is Different from Piles

Anal fissures are a common disease among people, despite their age and gender. Piles are another very common disease – sometimes even more common than anal fissures – many people around the world suffer. Even though they are very similar diseases, sometimes caused by the same reasons, there is a difference between anal fissures and piles. Before learning their difference, you must understand what anal fissures are and why do they happen. These are the facts about fissures you should know:

  1. Anal fissures are cuts in the anus that are caused by passing dry and hard stools.

  2. Anal fissures cause a lot of pain because they take a lot of time to heal. They do not heal so easily because there is not enough blood running toward the fissures due to spasms in the sphincter.

  3. There are many things that can cause anal fissures, for instance, constipation due to a diet low in fiber and water, stress or certain medications.

  4. Women are prone to suffer anal fissures due to childbirth. The chances are always very high.

What are piles then?

  1. Piles are swollen veins that got irritated due to the stretching of their walls.

  2. Piles are widely known as hemorrhoids.

  3. Piles cannot be always noticed. Internal piles can appear, and cannot be felt nor noticed. The only sign that can tell you are suffering piles is bleeding.

  4. Besides constipation, piles can be caused due to genetics or lifting too heavy things.

What is then the difference between anal fissures and piles? Just as you read it, piles are swollen veins, while anal fissures are cuts that cannot heal due to lack of blood supply. It is important to know the difference to know the treatment that must be used.

It does not matter if a person suffers piles or anal fissures, it is more than obvious that the only thing that person wants is a piles and fissure treatment that can offer the relief and well-being that person needs and deserves. And let us tell you, there are no better treatments than the ones offered by ClinTech.

The most common and preferred treatment at ClinTech for anal fissures is the chemical sphincterotomy. This non-surgical fissure treatment is a Botox injection that reduces the spasms in the sphincter so blood supply can increase towards the anus and fissures can heal. This is the preferred treatment because it is not as invasive as other treatments there are.

In case of piles, the treatment performed at ClinTech is the Ultroid hemorrhoids management treatment. With this treatment, the hemorrhoids that are going to be treated are isolated, and then they are treated with a micro electric current that has been designed especially for this. This is one the most painless and effective treatments for piles there are.

ClinTech is your best option for receiving the relief for the pain and discomfort caused by piles and anal fissures. Contact us today so you can discover everything about our treatments, and book an appointment. You will never regret contacting us.