The HemoRite is the latest US FDA approved OTC device that gives instant relief to your itching, bleeding and pain causing discomfort from underlying fissures and piles around the anal area. Dr Sambit Patnaik at Clintech has also availed Indian FDA approval for this device and is available in India for the first time with ClinTech. It is a revolutionary product called HemoRite which gives instant relief for the next 10 hours without any pain or bleeding.
It is a drug free device designed specifically for self application at home. It is effective for Internal and External Piles.

It is an alternative therapy for pregnant women suffering from piles.It is also helpful after surgery as well as for painful fissures and fistula patients.

It gives cooling comfort and soothes the swollen tissues without any known side effects.

For details on the HemoRite, visit www.clintech.in or email your queries at info@clintech.in