Home Remedies And Hemorrhoid Cream – Do They Actually Work For Your Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids refer to an anorectic condition, which affects many people across the globe. Studies show that at some point, more than half of world population will develop symptomatic hemorrhoids. Therefore, it is imperative to come up with effective measures to deal with this issue. Some of the common ways used by most patients to treat hemorrhoids include herbal supplements, a high fiber diet as well as non-surgical medical treatments.

Patients can use some home remedies although not all are effective. One of the home treatments, which are recommended, is the Sitz bath. This method is mostly encouraged for patients with painful hemorrhoids. It involves sitting in warm water for 15 minutes for around 4 to 5 times in a day.

The other hemorrhoids home treatment is witch hazel, which helps to reduce itching, pain as well as bleeding until this condition fades out. It has not much support from science but it has oils and tannins that slows down intense bleeding and relieves inflammation. Research shows that it is the best home treatment method for hemorrhoids because it tightens the skin, which mitigates the challenges that one encounters while suffering from this condition.

Psyllium husk is another remedy for piles. It is rich in soluble fiber which adds volume to the stool and softens it in the process for easier passing. However, one should be extra careful against using too much fiber since it may cause stomach cramping as well as too much gas. Therefore, it is important to take in moderation and if necessary seek medical advice. Besides, the users of this supplement are advised to drink enough water.

Aloe Vera is also used as a home treatment for hemorrhoids. It has some elements that help in soothing inflammation and reducing the pain. You should use Aloe Vera when it is still fresh for the best outcome. However, little is known concerning the effectiveness of Aloe Vera in treating this condition. Research is still being carried out to determine its effectiveness.

Topical hemorrhoid creams are also available. They are designed to numb the affected areas and reduce inflammation. Generally, hemorrhoid creams offer fast relief from some symptoms of this condition, such as swelling, itching and burning. However, they do not do anything to permanently treat hemorrhoids.

A more permanent solution for hemorrhoids is seeking treatment at a hospital. You can find a hemorrhoids doctor in Mumbai at the ClinTech Medical Centre. ClinTech has all the resources, facilities as well as qualified personnel to handle patients with hemorrhoids. At ClinTech, one of the methods we use to treat piles is laparoscopic surgery.

Laparoscopic treatment for piles involves performing surgery far away from the affected areas through tiny incisions. The doctor inserts a tube through the incisions. The surgical instruments and camera also go through the incisions. The surgeon then performs the operation.

Laparoscopic treatment helps minimize bleeding. Since the surgeon only needs to make small cuts during the procedure, you will not have to deal with large postoperative marks. You will also recover fast from this procedure. This procedure is also relatively pain-free. For this reason, you only have to use minimal pain medication. This procedure is effective and safe in treating piles. Visit ClinTech now to get the best treatment for hemorrhoids.