Internal Haemorrhoids – The Painful Disease and its Treatment

Piles or internal haemorrhoids refer to a condition, wherein the blood vessels around the rectal or anal regions, become swollen. The condition causes excessive pain. Often, there is bleeding or a deep sensation of burning in the area. The disease does not differentiate between males and females. In fact, this extremely painful disease can attack a person of any age group. However, you have only yourself to blame if you become a victim, because your nutritional habits or lifestyle may be unhealthy. Your digestive system must be ‘happy’, for the other organ systems to be equally happy!

Does this mean that you will have to suffer for the rest of your life, with no solution in sight? No, it does not, for Navi Mumbai’s ClinTech Medical Centre offers the best of doctors and the best of facilities to restore your health. You will be glad to know that the equipment and techniques are such that you will not require a lengthy hospital stay or invasive surgery. The U.S. FDA-approved treatments are undertaken within the shortest time span possible, without leaving behind signs of incisions, ugly scars or blood. Yes, the piles treatment for women, men and children, is perfectly safe! Above all, your internal haemorrhoids will not return.

One of the most popular treatments offered at diverse piles clinics across India, including ClinTech Medical Centre, is laser treatment for piles. This is because advanced technologies are utilised for reducing pain and discomfort in patients undergoing treatment. During this procedure, laser beams are focussed on the internal haemorrhoids in such a way, that they are vaporised immediately. Naturally, no bodily cuts are required, for the source of your pain is easily visible. The process does not take long. You will receive treatment as an outpatient.
You should begin to feel extremely relieved within a couple of hours or so. Laser treatment ensures that the risks of infection, wounds or post-surgical pain are eliminated. In addition, there is no damage caused to the surrounding tissues, thanks to the skilled hands of the surgeon. Otherwise, one condition will be cured, only to invite another in its place! True, some amount of bleeding may be witnessed during the procedure. However, it is minimal in nature. Furthermore, laser technology is also used to seal the blood vessels, in order to prevent future swelling and bleeding.

After the treatment, do initiate some healthy lifestyle changes too!